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How to Create Amazing Black & Whites with Silver Efex Pro – PLP #141


In this episode I show you how to create an amazing, fine-art black & white photograph using Silver Efex Pro 2 from the Google Nik Collections.

How to Promote Your Photography Using 500px – PLP #140


In this tutorial I show you:

- The basic functions of
- How to promote your work with it
- How to create a portfolio on it
- How I have been using it to promote my own work

Understanding Photography With Simple Words – PLP #139


This beginner video is made to explain basic photography concepts with very simple words.

How To Make a Squarespace Website – AMAZING! – PLP #138


In this episode I will show how to make a complete web site, from start to finish, with Squarespace and I cover several points.

How to Shoot at Night Without a Tripod – PLP #137


In this episode, we learn how to shoot at night without the use of a tripod. This is a pretty cool trick to shoot in low light without having the possibility of using a tripod, like it is on many monuments.

How to Shoot & Retouch Fireworks in Lightroom – PLP #136


In this episode I give you my tips and tricks on shooting fireworks and retouching them in Lightroom.

Sony A7r Quickstart – PLP #135


In this episode, we look at the Sony A7r and I get you up to date on its features and a quickstart on how to successfully use this amazing camera!

How to Shoot and Retouch the Milky Way – PLP #134


In this episode, we look at how to shoot and retouch the night sky to get a great photo of the Milky Way. This is something I’ve been meaning to to for quite a while, and I just love the result!

How To Create Double Exposures in Photoshop – PLP #133


In this episode I show you how to do a double exposure photograph in Photoshop.

High Key Black and White Landscapes – PLP #132


In this episode, we learn how to retouch a landscape photo into a high key black and white photo. The result is quite nice and quite different from what we usually see.

Photoshop CC 2014 New Features for Photographers – PLP #131


In this episode, we explore some of the new functions in Photoshop CC 2014 specifically as to how it affects us photographers.

The Secret of Good Composition – PLP #130


In this episode, we look at how to compose your photo, and a few good old tips and tricks to get a beautiful harmony with all the elements in your photo.

How to Turn a Photo into a Cartoon or Painting with Topaz – PLP #129


In this episode I show you how to retouch a landscape photo in Lightroom and then give it a cartoon look or a water color painting look with Topaz Simplify 4.

The Secrets of Interior Design Photography – PLP #128


In this episode, I show you the secrets of interior design photography. You will learn how to turn a boring interior photo into a stunning game of beautifully complex light!

Layers in Photoshop for Beginners – PLP #127 by Serge Ramelli


In this episode I give you a complete beginners tutorial on using the heart of Photoshop, layers.

How to Retouch Monuments in Lightroom & Photoshop – PLP #126 by Serge Ramelli


In this episode, we learn how to retouch monuments using Lightroom and Photoshop. We manually blend multiple exposures and take out distracting elements.

How to Manage Your Lightroom Catalog When Traveling – PLP #125 by Serge Ramelli


In this episode, we talk about how to manage multiple Lightroom catalogs when you’re traveling, and how to put them back together when you’re back home on your main retouching computer.

Selective Clarity in Lightroom & Analogue Efex Pro Vintage Look – PLP #124 by Serge Ramelli


In this episode, we learn how to apply a little clarity in places to make the photo pop, without it looking like HDR. We then take it to Analogue Efex Pro and give it a vintage look.

How to Add a 3D Object into a Landscape Photo using 3D in Photoshop – PLP #123 by Serge Ramelli


In this episode we add a 3D car into a landscape photograph using only Photoshop!

How to Transform a Photo into a Drawing Photoshop Tutorial – PLP #122 by Serge Ramelli


In this episode, we learn how to transform a photo into a pencil drawing. We do this to two different photos to see how to adjust the settings.