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Photoshop for Photographers

A Necessity for All Photographers

The e-book version of this course is available here!

In this course I cover all the techniques a photographer needs in Photoshop.

Varying from using Camera Raw, replacing skies, digital blending, shooting into the sun, HDR, Layers, Masks and Blending Modes, Black and Whites, Panoramas, Removing elements, Special Effects and Printing.

This course includes over 5 hours of training with over 40 Raw files compatible with Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC.

Details & Requirements

Length: 5 Hours 6 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Photoshop

Required Software: Photoshop

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Seine River - Before

Seine River - After

Cliffs on the Beach - Before

Cliffs on the Beach - After

Spring Portrait - Before

Spring Portrait - After

Moulin Rouge - Before

Moulin Rouge - After

Bridge in Paris - Before

Bridge in Paris - After

Castle - Before

Castle - After

Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre III - Before

Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre III - After

Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre III - Before

Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre III - After

Nyhavn in Copenhagen - Before

Nyhavn in Copenhagen - After

HDR Kitchen - Before

HDR Kitchen - After

Seine River - Before

Seine River - After

Ansel Adams Landscape - Before

Ansel Adams Landscape - After

Pont Alexandre III - Before

Pont Alexandre III - After

Composite - Before

Composite - After


23m 20s

Lesson 1: Camera Raw Basics Part 1

We go over all the basic retouching tools

20m 53s

Lesson 2: Camera Raw Basics Part 2

We start using more local retouching tools for a more precise retouching

22m 35s

Lesson 3: Camera Raw Basics Part 3

We get into a more complex post processing retouch with a sunset photo

7m 0s

Lesson 4: Camera Raw Basics Part 4

We play around with special effects with a portrait

8m 40s

Lesson 5: Camera Raw Basics Part 5

We look at the amazing new upright function to correct perspective distortion

21m 27s

Lesson 6: Sky replacement Pont Neuf

This is an introduction into the use of layers, masks and blend modes. We add some nice clouds to a photo from the pont neuf bridge in Paris

15m 9s

Lesson 7: Sky replacement Jerusalem

We continue exploring other blending modes and add some drama to the gated of Jerusalem !

14m 11s

Lesson 8: Shoot into the sun

Digital blending is the most powerful way to restore the dynamic range of a photo with a natural result

21m 53s

Lesson 9: HDR tone Map Photoshop vs Camera Raw

We are going to do two types of HDR with the same 3 bracketed photos; 1. Classic HDR with tone mapping in Photoshop; 2. The new 32 bit HDR with tone mapping in Camera Raw

7m 57s

Lesson 10: HDR 3 techniques

This time we compare 3 techniques 1. Tone mapping Photoshop, Tone mapping Camera Raw and getting the best of the normal exposure and we compare the results!

3m 54s

Lesson 11: HDR 1 file

We give an HDR look to just one raw file

19m 49s

Lesson 12: 2 ways to dramatic black & white

I show you two ways to make dramatic black and white, one in Camera raw and the other one in Photoshop

7m 47s

Lesson 13: Homage to Ansel Adams

Let’s make a dramatic black and white using Photoshop inspire by Ansel Adams 8

8m 40s

Lesson 14: The crop tool

An overview of the crop tool to better compose your photo

5m 23s

Lesson 15: Correcting perspective

We use the crop tool to correct a heavy perspective trouble and to make more room to our canvas

19m 43s

Lesson 16: The full workflow

I show you my full workflow on shooting, stitching and retouching panoramas

9m 35s

Lesson 17: Removing elements

I will show the different way I have been using to remove unwanted elements from a photo, to help communicate a better story

7m 36s

Lesson 18: Full clean up of the Damas gate

We come back to the Damas Gate photos and clean up on the unwanted elements

6m 42s

Lesson 19: Camera raw Presets

We play around and create fun presets to make special looks: Grungy, dreamy, cinematic

5m 35s

Lesson 20: Iris filter

How to simulate a small depth of field

9m 53s

Lesson 21: Bokeh Look

A cool trick on using the new field blur filter to create a cool bokeh look

7m 7s

Lesson 22: Freaking Amazing Details

A technique to blow up the details in your photos

3m 44s

Lesson 23: Tilt Shift Effect

A cool way to adda tilt shift effect to your photo

9m 11s

Lesson 24: Print to your printer

How to prepare your prints to print locally

2m 24s

Lesson 25: Print with a lab

Prepare your file to print with a lab on the web

1m 25s

Lesson 26: Export to the web

Best settings to export for website

14m 44s

Lesson 27: Making the final composite

Here we do our final composite

Source Files

Contains 39 of my high-resolution RAW photos to follow along as well as all the other resources necessary to do these projects

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