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Photography Workflow 2018

In this course I will show you how I work today in 2018 with the latest updated versions of  Lightroom, Photoshop, Aurora HDR and Luminar.

I will also take you behind the scenes of my latest workshop in Los Angeles.

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 5 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner


Required Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, Aurora & Luminar

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets


1m 38s

Lesson 1: 1st day of the work shop

In this short presentation you will see the photos we got from shooting at Griffith park

12m 36s

Lesson 2: Crazy Sunset

I will show you a trick in Lightroom to stack your HDR and pano together and we are going to to basic retouching of this crazy sunset

7m 40s

Lesson 3: Correction Panorama

Let's create the missing sky and do some final touches

5m 37s

Lesson 4: Downtown Panorama

Another panorama that we stitch and retouch in Lightroom but this time we are going to do some magic with it

13m 47s

Lesson 5: Erasing a Tree

We have a big Tree to erase in front of our photo

5m 53s

Lesson 6: Luminar Touch

We use Luminar to add an extra 'Je sais quoi' to the photo (A magical touch in english !)

5m 33s

Lesson 7: Night Shot

Let's create the missing sky and do some final touches

7m 31s

Lesson 8: Aurora

We use Aurora HDR software to create some final touches

3m 32s

Lesson 9: Day 1 final words

Let's look at what we got so far and what else we can do

2m 51s

Lesson 10: Venice Canal photo shoot

A behind the scenes look of our shoot in the Venice Canal and beach

11m 18s

Lesson 11: Venice Canal

Let's start day two of the workshop with a bang this time with a small sky replacement

12m 34s

Lesson 12: Sky replacement at sunset

Now let's replace a sky on additional sunset photos

13m 59s

Lesson 13: Beach sunset

Let's go through our sunset photos and see which one is the best and retouch it first in lightroom

8m 15s

Lesson 14: Beach Sunset Luminar

Let's use Luminar to retouch that beach photo

3m 13s

Lesson 15: Downtown photoshoot

Another behind the scenes look of our day at Downtown Los Angeles

7m 52s

Lesson 16: Panorama in Photoshop

Sometime Lightroom will refuse to do a pano so we can try doing it using photoshop tools

4m 23s

Lesson 17: Panorama Luminar

Let's add the famous new sunray filter in Luminar

10m 33s

Lesson 18: Black and White

No nice colors let's go black and white using the Ansel Adams style

6m 58s

Lesson 19: The two towers

Two towers in a strong black and white setting

11m 45s

Lesson 20: Night Photography

Retouching long exposure at night and using photoshop to stack up the light!

2m 18s

Lesson 21: El Matador Beach Malibu Photoshoot

A behind the scenes look at the El Matador Malibu Photoshoot

19m 43s

Lesson 22: Digital Blending

In this video we are going to do some crazy digital blending to get the best out of two exposures

5m 39s

Lesson 23: Long exposure portrait

Retouching of a portrait of me made by Kelvin Pimont using desaturated techniques

Source Files

All source files for the course.

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