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Adobe Lightroom Masterclass

My Complete Training for the brand-new Lightroom Classic and CC!

I teach you my entire workflow in Lightroom and we explore all of the features of Lightroom Classic, from the basic to the advanced - you'll learn everything about Lightroom Classic and CC!

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Santa Monica Mountains - Before

Santa Monica Mountains - After

Lightroom CC Panorama - Before

Lightroom CC Panorama - After

Lightroom CC Panorama #2 - Before

Lightroom CC Panorama #2 - After

Lightroom CC HDR - Before

Lightroom CC HDR - After

Lightroom CC Panorama #3 - Before

Lightroom CC Panorama #3 - After

Lightroom CC Black and White - Before

Lightroom CC Black and White - After

Lightroom CC Portrait #1 - Before

Lightroom CC Portrait #1 - After

Lightroom CC Split Toning - Before

Lightroom CC Split Toning - After

Lightroom CC Portrait #2 - Before

Lightroom CC Portrait #2 - After

Lightroom CC Selective Color - Before

Lightroom CC Selective Color - After

Details & Requirements

Length: 7 Hours 7 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Lightroom

Required Software: Lightroom Classic or Lightroom Mobile

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Traning

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets


12m 12s

Lesson 1: Intro

What's new in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

6m 16s

Lesson 2: Lightroom CC: Overview

We are going to see in what case you need Lightroom CC over classic and a brief overview of the user interface

4m 39s

Lesson 3: Lightroom CC: Importing

Let's import some photos from a local SD card and from an Iphone

5m 52s

Lesson 4: Lightroom CC: Basic Retouching

Let's dive into retouching and in this video you will see the most used options

2m 46s

Lesson 5: Lightroom CC: Noise Reduction

How to reduce noise in a photo

4m 23s

Lesson 6: Lightroom CC: Optics and Geometry

How to correct lens distortions

8m 1s

Lesson 7: Lightroom CC: Local tools

The power lies in the local tools: The brush, the linear gradient and the radial filters

11m 7s

Lesson 8: Lightroom CC: More Retouching

Let's retouch from A to Z three more photos with using the basic retouching we have done so far

7m 26s

Lesson 9: Lightroom CC: Presets

How to create and import presets and the difference between Lightroom CC presets and Lightroom Classic

3m 2s

Lesson 10: Lightroom CC: Finding your photos

How to find your photos in Lightroom CC

2m 20s

Lesson 11: Lightroom CC: Exporting your photos

How to get your photo's out of Lightroom and into the world and how to update your Lightroom CC software

8m 0s

Lesson 12: Lightroom Classic: Importing from a Memory Card

How to import your photos from a memory card

2m 26s

Lesson 13: Lightroom Classic: Importing from a Hard Drive

How to import photos already on your HDD

2m 9s

Lesson 14: Lightroom Classic: Copyright

How to add a copyright as you import

3m 47s

Lesson 15: Lightroom Classic: Moving Folders & Locations

How to move folders and photos into Lightroom, and how to correct things if Lightroom doesn’t find some folders or photos

2m 31s

Lesson 16: Lightroom Classic: Importing Videos

How to import videos and how to extract a single photo

4m 51s

Lesson 17: Lightroom Classic: Faces

Sorting out your photos by portrait recognition is a cool option in Lightroom

6m 7s

Lesson 18: Lightroom Classic: Visualizing Photos

I show you my methods for visualizing photos

9m 19s

Lesson 19: Lightroom Classic: Sorting

How to sort your photos using stars, colors and flags

2m 18s

Lesson 20: Lightroom Classic: Spray Tool

The spray tool, you can spray keywords and colors

3m 42s

Lesson 21: Lightroom Classic: JPG vs Raw

What is the difference between JPG and Raw files

7m 23s

Lesson 22: Lightroom Classic: Understanding Collections

Collections, what are they and how to create and use them

3m 1s

Lesson 23: Lightroom Classic: Stacking Photos

Use the stack options to group photos together

9m 30s

Lesson 24: Lightroom Classic: Exporting Photos

How to export your photos out of Lightroom

3m 21s

Lesson 25: Lightroom Classic: Watermarking

How to watermark your photos

3m 2s

Lesson 26: Lightroom Classic: Updating Devices

How to update your photos on your iPhone or iPad with Lightroom

1m 55s

Lesson 27: Lightroom Classic: Emailing from Lightroom

How to email a photo directly from Lightroom

6m 39s

Lesson 28: Lightroom Classic: Using Keywords

How to apply keywords to your photos

3m 49s

Lesson 29: Lightroom Classic: Backing Up Photos

I show you how I back up my photos in a fully automatic way, safe for lazy people!

4m 24s

Lesson 30: Lightroom Classic: Exporting / Importing / Backup

How to export, import and backup your catalog

3m 54s

Lesson 31: Lightroom Classic: Searching Photos

How to search your photos

6m 57s

Lesson 32: Lightroom Classic: Tone Sliders & Histograms

The basic tone sliders, a short explanation of the histogram and how they relate to these settings

4m 51s

Lesson 33: Lightroom Classic: White Balance

What White Balance is and how to set it properly?

3m 25s

Lesson 34: Lightroom Classic: Vibrance, Saturation & Clarity

How to set up vibrance, saturation and clarity on your photos

5m 40s

Lesson 35: Lightroom Classic: Curves

Curves. How to set the curves

7m 24s

Lesson 36: Lightroom Classic: HSL Sliders

Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders, very powerful tools to set your colors as you like

7m 2s

Lesson 37: Lightroom Classic: Sharpening & Noise Reduction

Noise and sharpen, how to get the noise out and sharpen your photos

6m 49s

Lesson 38: Lightroom Classic: Correcting Lens Distortion

Lens distortion, how to correct it

4m 41s

Lesson 39: Lightroom Classic: Calibration

Camera Calibration

6m 13s

Lesson 40: Lightroom Classic: Graduated Filter

Tool Bar: Graduated filter, a powerful tool to make great skies!

7m 58s

Lesson 41: Lightroom Classic: Brush Tool

Tool Bar: Brush Tool, how to change local lights and colors on your photo like a painter!

5m 49s

Lesson 42: Lightroom Classic: Radial Filter

Tool Bar: a new filter in Lightroom that has many uses

2m 39s

Lesson 43: Lightroom Classic: Spot Removal

Tool Bar: Spot removal tool

3m 25s

Lesson 44: Lightroom Classic: Crop Tool

Tool Bar: The crop tool

9m 14s

Lesson 45: Lightroom Classic: Panorama in Lightroom CC Project #1

Lightroom CC can merge panoramas and keeps them in a raw file format!

3m 51s

Lesson 46: Lightroom Classic: Panorama in Lightroom CC Project #2

Let’s see another example of a panorama

11m 28s

Lesson 47: Lightroom Classic: HDR Project #3

The new Lightroom can create a super raw HDR file

5m 2s

Lesson 48: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #4

A full retouch from A to Z of a daylight photo as a panorama

6m 16s

Lesson 49: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #5

How to make a dramatic Black and White

8m 35s

Lesson 50: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #6

Retouching a portrait!

5m 15s

Lesson 51: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #7

Split toning is a great way to give a look to a photo

11m 42s

Lesson 52: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #8

Beauty shot retouch full workflow

8m 32s

Lesson 53: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #9

How to make a selective color black and white

7m 49s

Lesson 54: Lightroom Classic: Presets

I will show you how you can create and install presets

10m 35s

Lesson 55: Lightroom Classic: Working with Photoshop and other plug ins

I will show you how to communicate with Photoshop from Lightroom and other softwares

7m 22s

Lesson 56: Lightroom Classic: Map Module

The Map module, what it does and how it can be used

18m 59s

Lesson 57: Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Layout

How to create a cover and lay out your pages

8m 20s

Lesson 58: Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Auto Layout

Making a book the easy way with auto layout

6m 5s

Lesson 59: Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Text Tools

Learning how to use the text tools

17m 36s

Lesson 60: Lightroom Classic: Slideshow Module - Basics

How to make and export a slideshow

7m 45s

Lesson 61: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Basics

Printing a simple image

2m 14s

Lesson 62: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Contact Sheets

How to make a contact sheet

3m 33s

Lesson 63: Lightroom Classic: Print Module Picture package

The Picture Package, printing the same photo at different sizes on the same sheet

8m 29s

Lesson 64: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Custom Package

The custom package, how to print different photos on the same paper and how to print to a file

6m 17s

Lesson 65: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Color Management

Understanding the ICC profile for web display or printing

7m 20s

Lesson 66: Lightroom Classic: Web Galleries - HTML

Create and manage HTML web galleries

8m 28s

Lesson 67: Lightroom Classic: Web Galleries - New HTML 5

Create and manage HTML 5 web galleries

4m 7s

Lesson 68: Lightroom Classic: Web Galleries - Hosting

How to get your galleries on-line using a hosting plan


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Source Files

All the lesson files in RAW format for you to follow along with every lesson.