How to Make Your Portraits Pop with Lightroom Brushes and Presets

In this article, we talk about how to make your portraits pop with Lightroom presets.

Hello my friend! Yesterday I showed you how to install brushes presets and how to use them on landscape or interior design. Today I am going to show you how to use Lightroom presets to bring your portraits to the next level! If you want to get them you can click on this link here.

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This package of presets contains brushes presets and presets for portraits. When you purchase this package, you are going to receive two zip files so you double click on each of them to open them. Once you open the folders you will get a Read me document that will explain you how to install them in your Lightroom.

I am just going to explain it to you quickly because it is not that hard. For the brushes presets, I go to Lightroom, click on Lightroom > Preferences. In the window preferences I click on the second tab called presets> show Lightroom Presets folder.

It is going to open finder with all the presets places but you need to select the folder called: Local Adjustment preset. So now you need to select the folders you opened earlier and drag them and drop them into the folder called local adjustment preset.

Now for the presets same thing but they go into the folder called Develop presets.

To finish to install the presets you need to restart your Lightroom, this is very important.

Et voilà you have tones of amazing brushes presets and presets. There is different category for the effect the first category is Black and white (B&W).

The cool thing is that if you go over the preset with your mouse you can see a preview of your photo with that preset which is pretty cool:

The photo doesn’t always goes with certain preset but you can really get a cool result in just one click. For example I try the preset called B&W: contrast:

But you see on this photo it doesn’t work to use the preset called B&W very soft, very bright, but it will work for another photo:

The next category is called the basic presets. For example you have this preset called cast warm:

Or you have the opposite look called cast cold:

Then we have the section Fashion, they are more fancy. For example, this preset is called Pink and Blue, there is more definition and contrast to it:

As I said, some will work some won’t like this one called extremely cold:

But you know sometimes you can try new thing and find a preset and then adjust the settings until you get the look that you want, for example you have this preset called Fashion Contrast, it doesn’t really work at first:

And then I fine tune it in opening up the shadows and the blacks, I bring the contrast down.. So it is your call to decide if you want to go for this particular look or not.

Another category that we have is the Light category. For example, this preset called, Lights B&W Glowing Bright & Skin works very well on this photo:

Now you also have the category slight, which is more subtle, they add small changes to your photo.

Then you have the Temperature presets and last we have the vintage presets, I like this preset called new vintage:

Here you go those are the different categories and effects that you can create very easily.

Now I want to show the different Lightroom brushes presets, and I am going to show you some of them on this nice Portrait of my daughter:

The way it works, you have to click on the brush and right under the icon you can click on the different brush effects. For example a classic one is the preset called soft skin, so I click on it and then I just adjust the flow and density to set the intensity of the brush and I just brush over her face to make it softer:

Then I choose the preset called eyes whiten, it is a cool trick I use to make the look more interesting, so with the brush, I brush over the white of the eyes and I you want to make this effect more intense you can right click on the brush and select duplicate.

Then to make the eyes look even more intense you can take the preset brush called eye and just brush over the eyes:

Then I am going to jump to the brush preset called Lip bright, it is going to make the lips glossier, if you don’t like this effect you can also use the lips full:

You can also try hair add contrast, to make the hair look better. A really cool tool as well are the lighten brushes because it helps you to sculpt the face, to make it more dynamic or thinner.

But if you did too much of one effect you can always go back on it and select the brush, you can delete it, you can modify the intensity of it with the flow and density. You are free to create as much as you want with those brushes but those presets are a great start!

One other preset we made called Skin rosy if you want to add some blush for example.

Here is the before photo:

And this is the photo with the different brushes presets:

Another quick test on this portrait of my friend Arthur, I selected a look that I liked called Teal & orange, it gives a cinema look to it that I really like:

So it is pretty simple and so easy to just click on one look and be done or start from a look and make it yours.

I hope that you liked this article and that you will have fun with those cool presets!!!

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