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Complete Everything Bundle

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This is over 165+ hours of professional training - it is everything I offer on my site (excluding third party software and training).


Presets & Addons Complete Package

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Every Preset, Brush, Action and Texture on my entire site – Over 2,000 items!

This is the ultimate Presets, Brushes and Actions and Textures pack for Lightroom and Photoshop CC! It contains every preset, action, texture and brush on my site. That's over 2,000 looks with the click of a button!

Use presets to get the exact look you want or use them as a starting point to get your own look in seconds! High definition textures that bring astounding depth to your photos.

Actions that create effects and looks that would otherwise take hours - in just a few clicks! Paint clouds, snow, and rain into your photos with these amazing brushes!

I’ve packed this bundle with every add-on on my entire site - it’s amazing!

This Bundle also includes my amazing Signature Presets which I use on every photoshoot!


Rikard Rodin Complete Package

You Save 50%

This is the Rikard Rodin complete package!

We have brought together the entire collection of courses by Photoshop Guru Rikard Rodin—covering the breadth of photoshop compositing techniques, tools and workflows in one amazing bundle.


HDR Quickstart

In this quick course on HDR I will show you how to do HDR in many ways, first using Aurora HDR a Mac only but very powerfull software (coming out very soon in windows version), then using Lightroom only. For windows users we are going to explore HDR Efex pro - free HDR sfotware from Google and at last we are going to do some digital blending with Photoshop. This course should get you up and running very fast into the magical world of HDR!

Animating Still Photos: Titles & Motion

Create Photos That Come to Life

This course is designed to show you the “photoslicing” technique I used to create an animated slideshow. The course walks you through my workflow on a step-by-step basis focusing on the Photoshop skills you’ll need as well as keeping the actions in After Effects as simple as possible so that anyone can learn this!

This 2 hour course is designed to teach photographers, videographers and aspiring motion graphics artist a relatively simple but great looking technique for bringing still photos to life in a way that drag and drop slideshows simply cannot replicate.

Portrait Photography on a Budget

Shoot and Retouch Professional Quality Portraits - With Inexpensive Gear!

In this course I will take you step-by-step through 5 full portrait shoots, each one a different style, and I will show you my steps, not only on how to shoot, but lighting, positioning, use of flash, and also my methods for retouching portraits to get that perfect look!

Most portrait tutorials require incredibly expensive equipment – from lighting to lenses – it can cost in the tens of thousands. I show you how to get professional quality portrait shots with very inexpensive gear.

I will also introduce you to my amazing portrait retouching techniques, including one of my favorite methods: Frequency Separation.

These 10 lessons cover 5 full photoshoots and include 6 free raw source files as well as my free Photoshop action for Frequency Separation!

Landscape Retouching Workflow

Learning the Landscape Ways
In this course I cover all of my technology I use for my landscape retouching.

This course is a very in-depth course specifically on landscapes and contains simple-to-advanced techniques and contains 10 projects and many of my raw files to train with.

Art of Black & White: Lightroom

Bring Out your Inner Artist
In this course, we go through 10 projects to master black & white photography with Lightroom. I will show you my full workflow for making fine art black & whites.

My Full Workflow from Shoot to Retouch

The Lightroom & Photoshop Post-Process Workflow
In this training course I will take you to Paris and Israel to show you my full workflow with the settings that I use and how I find my compositions.

We will use Lightroom and Photoshop for post-processing.

You will get more then 3 hours of videos and over 30 raw files to train with!

Gallery B&W Portraits with Lightroom

Mastering B&W Portraits with Lightroom
In this course I will teach you how to retouch black & white gallery-type portraits.

This 2-hour course contains 11 projects where you learn to retouch portraits that were taken in a studio or with no professional lighting.

Guiding Light Photo Composite

In this course digital artist Julius Kähkönen will teach you how to create his masterpiece from 5 different photos and make them blend into each other in a very realistic and unique way!

Including perspective tricks, water reflections, color grading and lighting adjustments. The outcome transports you to an amazing setting in mysterious Japan. Julius is one of the fastest growing digital artists on instagram.



Photoshop: Compositing

Create Great Composites with Photoshop CS 6
You will learn how to extract your subject, create amazing backgrounds and blend both images together.

With the power of Photoshop this style is more popular then ever. It is like doing a great landscape and portrait at the same time!

Photoshop Quickstart

In this 90 minutes course I will show you how to use Photoshop CC from no knowledge of it all into using Camera raw, changing skies, making a simple composite, erasing anything and portrait retouching.

It is my most simple and straightforward course ever done on Photoshop.

Quick and easy!


Lightroom 5: Retouching

Turn Mediocre Photos into Works of Art!
This is the longest training course of over 3 hours.

You will get a video for each retouching tool with exclusive photos only—not used on the YouTube channel—demonstrating how it works on one big retouch project.

Then you have 7 projects from A to Z showing you a full retouch, all with the raw files included.

Retouching Portraits with Lightroom

Bring your Portraits to Life
In this course I will teach you many tricks and techniques to retouching portraits.

Sometimes you might think a great expression was lost due to a poor photo, but in many cases you can recover the photo!

This course includes 11 Lightroom presets for portraits.

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