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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this coaching work?

I’m going to give 47 photos challenges, which are based on my landscape master class course. For each challenge you will upload the photos in a special section of my website. If the photo meets the criteria to pass the test, you get a pass, if not, I will tell you from my viewpoint, what is wrong with it and how it can be improved.

You then re-take a photo and resubmit until you pass, in all, there are 47 challenges to pass. When you pass them, you should be as good technically as I am.

While doing this training you get access to a confidential Facebook group. There will be occasions where I will do Skype calls with some of you if you encounter an issue and I will record the call and share with other students as part of this closed group.

But I don’t want to be another Serge Ramelli?

And you are right, every person is unique and has a way of expressing themselves. I will not coach you with the idea of doing photos like me, but just simple rules that are expected of a professional landscape photographer so that your work can be featured in galleries or working with editors.

I have worked with National Geographic, Nike, major TV channels, over 100 newspapers, a network of 85 galleries around the world, two fine arts books and over 15 technical books. I have also produced over 800 technical videos. These experiences gave me some solid footing in the photography world, which I would love to share with you so as to help you have even more emotional impact in your photos!

How long does the coaching program take?

If you work hard at it, it should take you not more than two to three months.

Can I use old photos?

Yes you can, however for learning purposes I invite you to take new photos for this course as a challenge, it might require some travel, some waiting for the right weather, but that’s the fun of photography.

Can I stop at any time?

Yes you can if you feel that you don’t have the time to invest in these program you can pause by writing coaching (at) photoserge (dot) com

Can I restart again?

Sure you can, but you will only be considered a graduate and will have the diploma mailed to you if you successfully complete the 47 challenges.

How much chance do I have of being picked up as part of these classes?

You have to act fast, as there is quite some demand.

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