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Gallery Black & White Portraits Bundle

You Save 20%

This bundle includes all you need to get started creating fine-art black & white portraits with lightroom.

• Gallery Black & White Portraits Course
• Gallery Black & White Depth of Field Presets

Previously called: "Gallery B&W Portraits with Lightroom + B&W Depth of Field Presets"


Artistic & Commercial Still Life Photography

You Save 30%

All Still Life Photography & Training in one bundle. 

Watch Jean Michel and me shoot and retouch four full projects from start to finish. 

This bundle contains both still life photography courses. They detail everything you need (not much!) to shoot them, with camera settings and live video of how the shoot was done.

Then watch as Jean Michel retouches these amazing shots to get beautiful results, a truly unique retouching method!


Interior Design & Virtual Reality Bundle

You Save 30%

Everything you need to shoot and retouch amazing and professional quality interior design shots plus full Virtual Reality presentations of spaces. 

Previously Called: "Virtual Reality for Photographers + Interior Design Photography Course"


DSLR Video for Photographers

You Save 53%

Nowadays, photographers are being asked more and more for video content to complement their photographic journeys.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a discerning professional looking to add value and versatility to your work, learning essential DSLR video and editing skills will enable you to create behind the scenes videos of your journeys, create video content for blogs and magazine editors, and take those thousands of photos and video clips you've accumulated and turn them into dynamic, exciting and valuable extensions to your portfolio.

This bundle is aimed to take you from beginner to intermediate skill level and have you making films, cinemagraphs and slideshows which can be sold or displayed on-line and on-screen anywhere and everywhere!


Lightroom Brush Presets: Complete Package

You Save 33%

Lightroom Brush Presets are a quick and powerful way to make specific adjustments to areas of your photo. They work with the Adjustment Brush, Radial & Graduated filter tools in Lightroom.

This Bundle includes all 3 of my Lightroom Brush Preset packages – Dodge & Burn, Landscapes & Lights: 46 different brushes total.

Each brush preset provides specific settings which can work in many different scenarios, but unlike general Lightroom presets – which modify your entire photo, these are used for brushing so you affect only specific areas of your photo, that you choose. Great for subtle changes and very specific retouching.


Lightroom 5 & 2013 Workflow Bundle

You Save 25%

My complete training on Lightroom 5 to master all the modules of Lightroom 5!

Learn at your speed, plus I show you my full Landscapes workflow from shooting to retouching with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Previously called: "Lightroom 5 Training Package (Volumes 1 – 4) & My Full Workflow from Shoot to Retouch"


Photoshop 3D Bundle

You Save 37%

Master photoshop 3D in this easy-to-understand course and model pack bundle. Erick Geisler shows you everything you need to know about 3D in Photoshop quickly and simply, plus gives you 10 amazing 3d models to start working with in your photography.

In the course you learn how to import & create 3D objects, place them into your photos, position them, color them & render them all within Photoshop!

In the Model Pack you get the following models:

• The Moon
• Lamppost
• iPhone 5s
• Audi RSQ
• Mercedes SLK
• Fir Tree
• Pine Tree
• Japanese Pine Tree
• Ivy on a Wall
• Jet Plane.

Previously called: "Photoshop 3D Starter Bundle"


Black & White Photography with Lightroom Bundle

You Save 42%

This bundle contains all my training on creating amazing black & white photos in Lightroom.


• Landscapes
- (Art of Black & White in Lightroom)

• Portraits
- Kelvin Pimont’s fine-art black & white course & presets

• The history of black & white landscape photography
- Black & White: Yesterday & Today

This is my complete Lightroom training for Black & White.


All Photoshop Training Bundle

You Save 20%

All my Photoshop training in one bundle. Now you get all of my Photoshop courses covering: compositing, HDR, retouching, panoramas and everything else in one big bundle.

Previously Called: "All Photoshop Training + Photoshop for Photographers Bundle"


Photoshop Training Bundle

You Save 30%

All my Photoshop basic courses on how to use Photoshop for nearly any type of photography.

Easily master photoshop for Landscapes, HDR, Panoramas, Compositing and more. See lot’s of retouching examples with all the raw files included to follow along.

Previously called: "All Photoshop Training Package (6 Courses)"


Lightroom Presets: Essentials Bundle

You Save 25%

Over 250 of my presets to instantly transform your photos or give them a great starting point for more adjustments.

Great for getting very unique looking photos or a solid starting point of improvement to any photo.

Previously called: "Lightroom Presets Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bundle"


Lightroom Presets: Four Seasons Bundle

You Save 25%

My full four-seasons preset package, includes all of my presets for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter landscapes, portraits or any photo!

Over 200 Lightroom presets to instantly transform your photos to or from any season. Contains with many unqiue presets to completely modify your photo or give it a great starting point for for additional retouching.

Previously called: "Lightroom Presets 4 Seasons Bundle"

Art of Black & White: Photography

Mastering the Art of Black & White Photography
Watch Jean Michel Berts as he shoots and edits his photos and you will discover a unique way of making black and white that will change your post-processing for ever.

In this course, I interview and film Jean Michel Berts as he is taking photos for his latest book called the “Lights of Jerusalem”.

We then go back to Paris where he shows you his post-processing workflow for 2 other photos and all 4 projects.

This course is a unique look at one of the best workflows you can have on black & white photography.

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Artistic Still Life Photography

How to Shoot & Retouch Artistic Still Life Photos

Inspired from the dutch classic painters, Serge Ramelli & Jean Michel Berts show you how to shoot & retouch beautiful artistic still life.

In this course we show you, with very little gear, how you can get gorgeous results.

Follow along with each live shot, use the raw files and see the entire retouching from A to Z for both projects.

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My Full Workflow from Shoot to Retouch

The Lightroom & Photoshop Post-Process Workflow
In this training course I will take you to Paris and Israel to show you my full workflow with the settings that I use and how I find my compositions.

We will use Lightroom and Photoshop for post-processing.

You will get more then 3 hours of videos and over 30 raw files to train with!

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Long Exposure Workflow

Making the Perfect Long Exposure Shot
In this course I cover all the camera basics, techniques, advanced tricks and retouching for long exposure photography.

I will show you how and why I use long exposure. I teach you about the gear you need and how to use it. I bring you along to 4 of my shoots and show you how I took the shot and give you the raw files to retouch along with me.

Then we retouch another bonus batch of 4 photos where I teach you all about the retouching process, composition, how I got the shot and how to set up your camera to get these types of shots and effects.

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Art of Black & White: Lightroom

Bring Out your Inner Artist
In this course, we go through 10 projects to master black & white photography with Lightroom. I will show you my full workflow for making fine art black & whites.

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Gallery B&W Portraits with Lightroom

Mastering B&W Portrtaits with Lightroom
In this course I will teach you how to retouch black & white gallery-type portraits.

This 2-hour course contains 11 projects where you learn to retouch portraits that were taken in a studio or with no professional lighting.

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Art of Black & White: Yesterday & Today

Learning from a True Master
In this course I cover the ways of the master, Ansel Adams (1902), and his methodology from the past in creating gorgeous black & white photos.

I then teach you how to applythose same techniques with our modern tools and software; Lightroom 5.

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Landscape Retouching Workflow

Learning the Landscape Ways
In this course I cover all of my technology I use for my landscape retouching.

This course is a very in-depth course specifically on landscapes and contains simple-to-advanced techniques and contains 10 projects and many of my raw files to train with.

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Making Films From Your Photos

Easily create films from your photos and videos

We all have hundreds, if not thousands of still photographs and motion clips silently sitting in file folders on our computers, sadly neglected and just looking for that touch of motion pizzaz to make them centerpieces in the client's reception area or on your family's social media video pages. In this course I take you through the introductory lessons of learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 which are all aimed at getting every beginner up and running at a proficient level to create movies from your still and motion content.

With the proliferation of moving images over the last decade, clients are more and more asking for professional slideshows or behind the scenes featurettes and motion displays for lobby areas. You can lose a lot of paying work these days if you can't provide or don't know how to turn these around rapidly. And this course will take you from total beginner to creating professional looking videos for your photos in just over an hour of simple instruction.

And as an additional lesson, I'll take you through the rapid way to put together your family videos to share great films that your family will love to watch time and time again. Let's get started!

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Retouching Portraits with Lightroom

Bring your Portraits to Life
In this course I will teach you many tricks and techniques to retouching portraits.

Sometimes you might think a great expression was lost due to a poor photo, but in many cases you can recover the photo!

This course includes 11 Lightroom presets for portraits.

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Sky Replacement Workflow

Going from Dreary to Dramatic with Sky Replacements
In this tutorial I will show how to replace skies to transform boring photos into dramatic landscapes!

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Textures: Skies

Create the Right Mood with your Photos
This package includes over 50 photos of skies in DNG format!

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Winter Landscapes Photography

Learn the Winter Workflow
In this tutorial I will show how to retouch your winter photos into exciting and dramatic landscapes!

Shooting and retouching in snow can be challenging, but with these easy-to-follow examples, you’ll see that it is quite easy and the results are awesome!

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Art of Black & White: Portraits

Unique Portrait Techniques Finally Disclosed
Discover one of the most powerful black and white post-processing tutorials.

Watch Jean Michel Berts as he shoots and edits his photos and you will discover a unique way of making black and white that will change your post-processing forever.

In this course, renowned photographer Jean Michel Berts shows us his workflow to create stunning portraits. Includes over 3 hours of video tutorials, both on location and in the retouching studio.

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Photoshop 3D: Quickstart

Learn the World of 3D within Photoshop
In this course you will learn how to import and create 3D objects, place them into your photos, position them, color them and render them all within Photoshop!

Like usual this course keeps it simple, and shows you the basics so you can easily and quickly get professional looking 3D results in just minutes.

This course contains all the training you need to get started with 3D in Photoshop and 2 amazing 3D models: The Moon (accurate to our own moon!) and an Audi RSQ.

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Photoshop 3D Models: Starter Pack

Your Photoshop 3D Starter Pack
This package contains 10 high-quality 3D models for Photoshop!

These 3D models work entirely within Photoshop and are completely customizable, you can change perspective, angle, colors and lighting to put them in any photo to add some real magic—and all in Photoshop!

Includes the following models: iPhone 5s, Audi RSQ, Mercedes SLK, fir tree, pine tree, Japanese pine tree, lamppost, ivy on a Wall, the Moon and a jet plane.

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Photo Restoration Workflow

Unsalvageable Photos Saved
Learn to restore photographs in under 3 hours! In this course you will take 3 old photos and fully restore them.

Using a variety of tools like clone stamping, heal brushing, gradient maps, free transforms, curve and level adjustments, you will learn to use these tools to restore ruined photos to their original glory and even better than the original!

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Animating Still Photos: Quickstart

Bring your Still Photos to Life
In this course, two-time Emmy Award-winning graphic designer Erick Geisler will teach you how to take your still photos and turn them into beautiful animations.

We start off with some simple Photoshop basics and then you learn a few easy techniques in Adobe After Effects. In just a few short minutes you will transform still photos into moving works of art.

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DSLR Video: Camera Angles

The Secret Ingredient to Movie Making
Many people with DSLRs feel that if they just knew a bit more about cinematography that they could do better videos but either have a rough time reading cinematography books or don’t have the time to attend professional classes.

This course is a crash course in one of the most important aspects of cinematography: camera angles and is designed to get you feeling more confident about capturing dynamic moving images that help elevate your projects whether they are home movies, corporate videos or feature length films.

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Commercial Still Life Photography

Enough information and techniques to start a career

Jean Michel has been a successful commercial photographer shooting perfume, jewelry and other luxury items for Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo etc…

The idea of this course is to show with very little gear how you can get a good result.

You will see each live shots, have the raw files and see the entire retouching from A to Z, we are going to do 2 projects. This domain of photography is a well paid career when you start having a good portfolio of these type of shots.

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Lightroom Presets: B&W Depth of Field

Beautiful B&W Photos Made Easy
This Lightroom preset pack has 65 presets for your portrait photography.

Each one gives you a great starting point to turn your portraits into black & white works of art.

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Premiere: Editing Quickstart

Editing Video Made Easy
It’s a simple law of storytelling: If you shoot, you must edit so as to tell the best story possible. And yet many creatives are intimidated by professional film and video editing software or feel that it is difficult because they have tried to learn to edit from people who focus on SOFTWARE instead of EDITING.

The rest of the course then walks you through step-by-step the Premiere CC 2014 interface in simple terms that anyone can understand so that you have a basic but thorough understanding of the software to empower you to edit your films and videos

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Time-lapse Workflow

It's Time to Learn Time-Lapse
Time-lapse photography is such a beautiful art, but requires a bit of training to get the result you want.

This course shows you exactly how to do it, giving you several ways to do it. Time-lapse has never been more simple!

You will learn how to: set up your camera, install Magic Lantern, shoot time lapse from day to night, retouch in Lightroom, make a time-lapse with QuickTime 7 (free), make a time-lapse with Photoshop, make a time-lapse with Premiere and make 4k time-lapse.

I love this software to make time lapse:

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Virtual Reality for Photographers

Virtual Reality Made Virtually Simple
This 3 hour course is designed to teach you how to create seamless QuickTime virtual reality shots.

The demand for QuickTime VRs has skyrocketed in recent years and many high-paying clients ask for these in addition to any other shoots you might provide. However, many shy away from doing them because they think they are difficult.

You’ll learn how to make high-end QuickTime VRs within an hour plus you’ll get a two-hour masterclass on how to painstakingly retouch a QuickTime VR and a bonus video on using the panorama you captured to create the stylish “tiny planet” look.

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Art of Black & White: Landscapes

Revealing Techniques to Get the Best out of B&W Landscapes
In this tutorial we follow Jean Michel Berts in Normandy.

Here, he shows you simple and unique techniques to get the best black and whites including: dodge and burning, avoiding common mistakes, replacing skies, simulating night, creating "high key” landscapes, and much more.

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Lightroom Presets: Chic

Perfect for Studio, Fashion & Lifestyle Photography
This packages includes 20 black & white presets, 20 portrait collection presets and 20 fashion collection presets.

It is a great starting point different portrait photography looks. Change a few settings and get the perfect look you want.

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Lightroom Presets: Lights

Light Leaks, Contre-Jour & Night Life
This packages includes 20 light leak presets, 20 contre-jour presets and 20 night life presets.

It's a great starting point if you'll looking for a particular studio, fashion or lifestyle photo.

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Lightroom Presets: Movies

Lights! Camera! Presets!
This package includes famous movie looks as presets like Gladiator, Matrix, Wild West, Mad Max and many more.

There is also a collection of duotone presets. These same presets are also given for Photoshop’s Camera Raw.

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Lightroom Presets: Landscapes

It's as Easy as 1-2-3 for Breath-taking Landscapes
This package includes over 60 amazing presets for landscape photos compatible with Lightroom 5.

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Lightroom Presets: Spring

Capture the Essence of Spring
This package includes over 50 amazing presets for spring landscape photos compatible with Lightroom 5.

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Lightroom Presets: Summer

Get Ready for your Summer Photography
This package includes 50 amazing presets for summer outdoors and landscape photos compatible with Lightroom 5.

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Lightroom Presets: Fall

Capture the Beauty of Fall
This package includes 50 amazing presets for your fall photographs (outdoor, landscape, interior, etc.). Or turn your photos into autumn images instantly! Compatible with Lightroom 5.

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Lightroom Presets: Winter

Winter is Coming
This Lightroom preset pack has 50 presets for winter landscapes. Some of them are mild adjustments and some will transform your photos!

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Understanding Photography With Simple Words

Understanding the Basics of Photography
The challenge of this course is to try to explain the basics of photography without using the technical words.

I will give also as many visual examples possible to grasp the different technical aspects of photography.

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Lightroom 5: Import, Organize & Export

The Perfect Tool to Manage your Photos
In today's digital age photographers take thousands of photos.

Lightroom 5 will help you import them in a catalogue, organize them by collections, and export them as you need. You can find any photo within seconds out of hundreds of thousands!

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Lightroom 5: Retouching

Turn Mediocre Photos into Works of Art
This is the longest training course of over 3 hours.

You will get a video for each retouching tool with exclusive photos only—not used on the YouTube channel—demonstrating how it works on one big retouch project.

Then you have 7 projects from A to Z showing you a full retouch, all with the raw files included.

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Lightroom 5: Map, Book & Print

Location Mapping, Book Creation & Printing, Made Easy
Find out how to put GPS data on your photos and search them by location.

Discover, in a few clicks, how to create a very professional book and how to print it from Lightroom 5.

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Lightroom 5: Slideshows & Web Galleries

Everything you Need to Know on Slideshows
Find out how to make great slideshows with music, how to create galleries, make your own presets, install new galleries from the internet and show your best work in a professional way over the web.

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Photoshop: Quickstart

Learning the Basics to Create your Best Photos
Learn how to use the basis of Photoshop CS 6 to get the best out of your photos in a series of 8 video tutorials.

Also, get access to amazing high-res pictures (raw files) so you can follow along the retouch process and get the same results!

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Photoshop: Retouching

Retouch your Photos Like a Pro
With this easy-to-learn course of over 2 hours of video training lessons, you will learn how retouch your photos like a pro using Photoshop CS 6.

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DSLR Video: Cinemagraphs

A Quickstart to Cinemagraphs
This course is a quickstart to professional video capture using your DSLR camera and creating high quality photographic animations or as they are now being called "cinemagraphs".

This 1 hour course is designed to rapidly get you up and shooting great video on your DSLR camera and includes 32 sample files to help walk you through step-by-step the entire process of creating cinemagraphs.

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Lightroom Brush Presets - Dodge & Burn

Add Depth Easily and Effectively

This Lightroom Brush Preset pack contains 16 of my Lightroom Brush Presets for dodging & burning (lightening & darkening) areas of your photo. I use this technique all the time to add drama, complexify lighting or to add focus & depth to make my photos pop and tell their story.

Lightroom Brush Presets are a quick and powerful way to make specific adjustments to areas of your photo. They work with the Adjustment Brush, Radial & Graduated filter tools in Lightroom.



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Lightroom Brush Presets - Landscapes

Landscape-Specifc Retouching Lightroom Brushes

This Lightroom Brush Preset pack contains 14 Lightroom brush presets specifically for adjusting areas of landscape photos. From adding fog to manipulating focus & depth, I find using the brush tool a must when getting a landscape photo just right. These are my brush presets from many of my landscape photos.

Lightroom Brush Presets are a quick and powerful way to make specific adjustments to areas of your photo. They work with the Adjustment Brush, Radial & Graduated filter tools in Lightroom.

Note: One brush preset was missing from this package at release. If you purchased this pack before Feb 7, please re-download and and re-install the presets to get this missing preset brush.


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Lightroom Brush Presets - Lights

Enhance Lighting & Drama Selectively

This Lightroom Brush Preset pack contains 16 of my Lightroom Brush Presets for increasing lighting, decreasing lighting, adding effects, light rays and modifying tints and colors with the brush, radial filter and graduated filter tools in Lightroom.

Lightroom Brush Presets are a quick and powerful way to make specific adjustments to areas of your photo. They work with the Adjustment Brush, Radial & Graduated filter tools in Lightroom.



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Lightroom 5 Importer Organiser Exporter

L'outil parfait pour gérer vos photos.

Aujourd'hui, avec le numérique, nous prenons des milliers de photos. Lightroom 5 va vous permettre de les importer dans des catalogues, de les organiser par collections et de les exporter comme bon vous semble.

Vous pouvez trouver une photo parmi des milliers en quelques secondes!

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Lightroom 5 La retouche

Apprendre à retoucher des photos avec Lightroom 5

Ceci est le cours le plus long, plusieurs heures de formations incluant: une vidéo explicative par outil de retouche, vous détaillant son utilisation et 7 projets de retouches de A à Z sur des photos exclusives. Les fichiers Raw sont fournis.

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Lightroom 5 Carte Livres Impression

Comment localiser vos prise de vue et créer un livre professionnel

Apprenez l'utilisation du module Cartes vous permettant de localiser précisement votre prise de vue grace aux coordonnées GPS ou enregistrer des coordonnés GPS sur une photo qui n'en contient pas. Découvrez comment créer un livre professionnel en quelques clics et comment l'imprimer.

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Lightroom 5 Diaporama Galerie Web

Apprendre à créer un diaporama avec de la musique

Comment créer un diaporama avec de la musique, créer des galeries et les présenter sur le Web de façon professionnel.

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La photographie urbaine

Apprendre la retouche de la photographie urbaine 

Apprenez la retouche de la photographie urbaine à l'aide de 9 projets

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La photographie de nuit

Comment retoucher des photographies de nuit

Apprenez la retouche de photographies de nuit, les réglages de base, les filtres et brosses, comment corriger la mauvaise lumière et les perspectives. L' assemblage de panoramique et leur retouche synchronisée

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La photographie d'hiver

Apprendre à retoucher des photos d'hiver

Dans ce cours, vous allez retoucher 7 photos d'hiver incluant Paris enneigé, la montagne et ses couchés de soleil, la création d'un Noir et Blanc de l'île d'Alcatraz ainsi que la création de Deux panoramiques.

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