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Paris is the City of Light, love, and savoir vivre. And this world-class capital is surely one of the planet's most photographed destinations, whether by tourists snapping a quick souvenir shot or professionals with high-end cameras.

New York

Black-and-white urban photography has a unique effect: It can lend a historical feel or bring out perspectives and surfaces in a special way.

Fine Art Prints

On YellowKorner

I have given an example through a series of exceptional photographs devoted to Paris, which gives a broad and cinematographic view of the city.


Web Gallery

See my web gallery. Currently hosted on Squarespace, a collection of shots I have taken over the years of Paris, Venice and other landscape travel shots. Also included are interior design shots and some portrait photography.

Portrait Composites 60% Off!

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With the release of my new Creative Composites: Super Hero course – I want you to show me exactly how creative you can be! Send me your best, wildest, most amazing composite and I will select one incredible winning photo! The creator of the winning composite will get a free, signed copy of my Paris photography book and I will share their amazing composite in my Newsletter, on my YouTube channel and to all of my social media sites - that's over 250,000 people who will be exposed to YOUR amazing photo (if you win)! I am VERY excited to see what you will come up with! Bonne chance !